Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning Equipment in Redmond, WA

At Redmond Vacuum we carry HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning products and also rent the equipment that goes along with the products. For more information on HOST products read below or give us a call at 425-885-9389

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Products

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is all natural and contains a balanced blend of moisture, detergent, and a small amount of safe-to-use solvents. HOST dissolves and traps greasy, oily dirt, spots, and odors as it's brushed into the carpet. To remove, wait for 2-3 hours and simply vacuum. And because HOST is a low-moisture cleaner, carpet can be walked on during cleaning and is ready for use immediately after cleaning. The product is safe for people and pets."
If you are suffering from dust bunnies, dust mites, allergies or asthma, look no further, we specialize in helping you find the vacuum that will best suit your needs!